Raúl Fuente Vallina

Software developer

Bigcommerce shop

Development and maintenance of an online store based on BigCommerce platform.

BigCommerce, HTML5, CSS3, Less, jQuery, Git

Yahoo Application

Integrate Riiwards solution into the Yahoo platform to allow Yahoo sites and Yahoo ecommerce stores to have access to Riiwards widgets and banners and provide their customers with extra features.

OAuth, PHP, MySQL, Yahoo

Fishbowl Hub

Cloud solution for multichannel integration (eBay, Amazon, Magento). Customer, order, inventory, shipping management and Fishbowl inventory synchronization.

Iron.io, Java 1.7, Spring Framework, REST, Maven, MyBatis, AngularJS, eBay API, Amazon MWS, Magento SOAP API

eBay Search and Purchase tool

Super fast search engine for eBay which retrieves items as soon as they are listed based on different criteria. The tool allows the user to purchase them automatically (eBay affiliate program, eBay Compatible Application).

eBay API, PHP 5.3+, memcache, HTML5 Server Sent Events, jQuery


Fishbowl inventory synchronization with eBay and Amazon marketplaces.

Java, REST, eBay API, Amazon MWS, Twitter-Bootstrap, jQuery

eBay Marketplace Analyzer

Retrieve and analyze the Most Popular items as determined by eBay in Real Time. This application runs under the Open eBay Apps program.

eBay API, PHP 5.3+, jQuery


Module implementation for Amazon product search

Yii Framework, PHP, Amazon MWS

eBay Sales Exporter

Web application which downloads eBay orders daily and save them to a csv file in a proper format.

eBay API, Java, Spring MVC, jQuery

Ebay Auto Message System

Automatically send messages to buyers as soon as they place an order. Messages can be customized based on a template.

eBay API, PHP 5.3+, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Twitter-Bootstrap, jQuery


Retrieve all eBay items on which a user is currently bidding, and the ones that they have won or purchased.

eBay API, PHP 5.3+, jQuery

Buyer Traffic Funnel

Broadcast user’s listings to the top Search Engines for faster indexing and higher rankings. It runs under the Open eBay Apps program.

eBay API, Java, Google App Engine, jQuery


Wholesale Hunter

Web application which automatically synchronizes eBay listings with local inventory.

eBay API, Java, Spring MVC, jQuery