Raúl Fuente Vallina

Software developer

Tips to Customize Shopify Themes

Whether you are changing the look of your theme or you are adding a new feature not supported by your current theme you have to make changes on your theme files. Shopify gives some recommendations to achieve this in this post.

Monitor Disk Space Usage in AWS Using Node.js

Sometimes, if you are a server administrator or you simply are an application owner but you have full rights on the server, you could be interested in being informed when the disk space is reaching the maximum capacity.

Verify Shopify Webhooks Using Node.js

As you might know if you have experience with the Shopify API, Shopify provides Webhooks, which is a tool for retrieving and storing data from a certain event. They even allow managing Webhooks through the API. For instance, if you want your application to be notified when a new order is placed in your store, you may register a Webhook for the create/order event.

Share Private Node.js Modules Across Applications (Locally)

In this post I’m going to talk about a quite useful topic around Node.js: Code Reuse. I didn’t find a good article enumerating the different options you have and the benefits and disadvantages of each of them. I have to deal with this in most of my Node projects so describing this can be of great help.

Preview TIFF and PDF Files Using HTML5 File API

Sometimes you need to read files which are in the user’s local machine. Here is where HTML File API comes into play. The use case I’m going to explain is when you want to make a preview of an image which has not been uploaded anywhere yet, so you don’t have the url of the image.

Logging as a Service

Every software developer knows just how important it is to have a well-defined, well-functioning logging mechanism. Alas, we don’t always devote much effort to this task, thus missing on its many benefits, mainly error prevention and/or detection. If we look back in time, we readily observe that for Java the log4j library has been en vogue for a while now. Oftentimes, and until very recently, many apps were log4j-based and their log files were stored somewhere in the server. I have to admit that this could well be enough in some cases, provided the configuration is done competently and with a decent design.

Validate Yahoo Signature With PHP

Yahoo allows applications to be integrated on Yahoo sites for merchants or simply Yahoo site owners. When you develop an application for Yahoo, first thing you have to do is to be able to validate the Yahoo signature to ensure all requests come from a Yahoo site.

Deployment Management on Multiple AWS Instances With Capistrano 3

When your application has to run on multiple servers or you simply has multiple applications running on different servers it’s always a good idea to automate this process so you don’t have to manually deploy the application on each server every time a new fix, release or whatever is applied.

How to Install Apache, PHP 5.5 and Memcached on AWS EC2

AWS EC2 looks like a good choice when you need a clean instance ready for you to manage your own server as per your needs. Recently, I launched an EC2 instance from a Linux AMI (Amazon Linux AMI 2014.09.1) to create my own web server with Apache and support for PHP 5.5. I know Amazon has the EB (Elastic Beanstalk) service which comes with the necessary stuff already installed to run your Java, Node, PHP,… applications so that you only need to upload your code to the server and EB will do the rest.